The program JoGoVEREIN is mainly suited for Club duties. It manages the members with their contribution accounts and results in the cash book. The architecture of the program is very flexible and offers plenty of freedom for their own customizations and extensions. The preferences of the program can be adapted to individual requirements very largely.

  • The data is stored on the local computer in the format of Microsoft Access.
  • It is also possible to store data on a server with access MySQL
  • The data can be copied from Microsoft Access to MySQL and vice versa.
  • JoGoVEREIN managed also parent Club structures, such as districts or departments.
  • Two databases can be loaded at the same time and show the deviations.
  • On the input mask the data fields can be freely arranged and colour highlight.
  • Members can be assigned to images (E.g. portraits).
  • All changes to the Member made are recorded in a logbook.
  • The printouts of lists and labels can be freely by the user.
  • One or more accounts are associated to the administration of member contributions each Member.
  • The amount of the membership fee is predictable from field contents of Member data retreat.
  • The input and output can clearly be presented with a budget.
  • Posts allow insert with the SEPA direct debit.
  • Access to the database file can protect themselves via a password.
  • In addition, the data can be encrypted store.
  • The Bank, BIC, zip codes and area codes are accessible.
  • There is the above mentioned figures also for Switzerland (except ONKZ) and Austria.
  • Off bank sort code and account number IBAN and the name of the Bank can be calculated.
  • Can be the BIC from IBAN and calculate the Bank name.
  • After entering the zip code, the city name is filled in automatically.
  • Provides data for donation confirmations.
  • With memo fields, any comprehensive texts can assign individual members.
  • Overview information can be as graphic images / bar chart) give out.
  • Settlement of counter readings for an allotment Association with export functions.
  • Program and help file can be in the languages German, English, French and Russian switch.
  • It is possible to import data already acquired member data in the formats of access, Excel, and text.
  • Data import and export of bookings in the SWIFT format
  • Members - and POS data can be in the formats Microsoft Excel, access, and text export
  • The data fields of the Member record can be freely defined by name, data type, and length.
  • Data field contents can be calculated with formulas from other data fields.
  • All SQL queries allowed with Microsoft Access can be executed by JoGoVEREIN.
  • The data fields can be integrated directly into Microsoft Word or Outlook for mail merge.
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel, Word, access, and text format
  • Data export is in the text encodings: DOS, ASCII, ANSI, or Unicode possible.
  • Printouts can be output as a text file (without printer control characters).


  • may 10

    Version 3.4.6

    The topic "Form letters" has been completely revised. It was optimized the program, supplements the documentation and program installation, there are additional sample form letters \JoGoVEREIN in the folder {documents}. A video on this topic is accessible on the home page.

  • APR 09

    Version 3.4.5

    The control file to send out form letters, introduced with version 3.4.4 offers new possibilities. The symbols to be found in many Windows to select records (all, current, previous, future, selection, Favorites) are grouped together and unified. The import of data has some additional possibilities.

  • Mar 16

    Version 3.4.4

    To send out form letters a text file you can create with all data required for the mail merge. What is special is the ability to resolve relationships to other data sets. If for example to the members and member groups are managed, data fields can be addressed from both tables in the form letter. Also references by a member to another Member (E.g. the contribution payer) can be solved in.

  • Feb 19

    Version 3.4.3

    In the cash book and book groups are treated the same as the members so far. For this purpose, the cash book has an additional column "Group". Reservations can be assigned to a group.

    The SEPA payments process is on the version 3.0 (pain. 008.001.02) to. This means no longer distinguished between initial and subsequent direct debit. Thus, also the data field "Breakfast" is superfluous.

    Member records can be newly numbered. This must be in the "Member table" window > "reassign column content" select the table column "MNr".

  • Jan 04

    Version 3.4.2

    There is an automatic backup with a specifiable number of versions of.

  • Dec 27

    Version 3.4.1

    Changes to the group record stored in an own logbook. When the email shipping transfer the subject line, and embedded images in the HTML text bug. In the input mask of the Member record data fields that begin with 'MNr', show a selection table of all member names when editing. Applies to the group record and 'GNr'.

  • Nov 10

    Version 3.4.0

    Can store data to member groups that are similar to the Member data to edit. The Special the group data is the combination of one or more members of a group record. With this method you can Collect Club structures such as districts or departments. A framework of functions is available for data exchange...

    To have any information available, external tables can be integrated into JoGoVEREIN. It is possible to copy the external data or pointing out.

  • Sep 14

    Version 3.3.4

    In the SEPA direct debit scheme, the so-called express direct debit (COR1) still can be selected.

    After entering the bank code and account number, IBAN and bank name will be filled in automatically. After entering the IBAN BIC and bank name will be filled in automatically.

  • Aug 19

    Version 3.3.3

    A database file in the accdb format let protect with a password. Fixed a bug.

  • Jun 08

    Version 3.3.2

    Free to select member data can the notes separately for display and data output Add.

    Replicating databases is not possible, because no replicas supports also access 2007 (accdb file type).

  • may 27

    Version 3.3.1

    The data fields of the notes are configurable. The procedure corresponds to the Member data.

  • may 04

    Version 3.3.0

    Unlimited notes can be associated with

    each Member.

    All tables associated with the Member (notes, bookings, post indents, logbook) can be opened by the input mask over tabs.

Data export

Input mask



Meter readings



The program installation a help file contains a sample database and a database with banking, postal codes and place power figures from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

JoGoVEREIN.msi 3.4.6 Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 (7,63MB)

The program is freeware. It is fully functional without registration.

Only when the pressure, there is a reference to the missing registry.

The registration costs for the access version 80,- & euro; and the MySQL version 120 & euro;

Upgrade from access to MySQL for 40 & euro; is possible. All subsequent versions are free.

For each additional license, I charge 1/4 the normal registry.

For the application of the programme in the Wingolf Wingolf registration is free of charge.

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